Develop the habits, strategies and mindset to make progress with what matters most.

Change is constant. At times this is the result of our own choices and shifting priorities while other times it arises from external pressures and circumstances. It could be you are starting in a new role, planning for a promotion, transitioning careers or even trying to navigate the work and family life conundrum…

How we rise to the occasion, wholeheartedly back ourselves and objectively respond isn’t always an obvious or straightforward process. In my coaching sessions, I have found this is often confounded by:

Six reasons why Belfinn Coaching can support you with harnessing focus and making progress include:

The path to realising our personal and professional goals is rarely a continuous upward journey. Similar to climbing a mountain, at different stages it requires time to be at a standstill to acclimatise ourselves with new and/or changing circumstances. Sometimes this even requires taking a couple of steps backwards to gain perspective and explore different approaches. It can be easy to equate this lack of forward momentum with failure, however my experience (and that of others) has found that the clarity and confidence afforded when the opportunity arises to again move forwards increases the likelihood of sustainable growth and outcomes.