Katheryn Curnow

Grad Cert. Gender Mainstreaming Policy & Analysis
Certificate of Applied Neuroscience
Certified Coach NeuroLeadership Institute

I am passionate about supporting leaders to realise their potential and to map a path where the journey is just as rewarding as their ideal destination.

Establishing Belfinn Coaching has been a long-term vision to share the tools and best-practice I have learned during my 15-year consulting career and to extend this beyond corporate clients to also include individuals seeking to make a positive life change.

My practical experience is underpinned by studies in business, applied neuroscience, psychology and the ongoing exploration of how to support clients to reconnect with their purpose, ‘form & norm’ helpful habits and dance with the discomfort that arises when working through change.

As a mum to two little people (and a step mum to a teenager) I am especially passionate about supporting others to ‘speak up’ and ‘stand out’ by sharing their unique strengths, passions and perspectives. Life is much more interesting and fulfilling when we feel free to express and act on what matters most to us.

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Why am I passionate about coaching?

The opportunity to partner with others in a coaching capacity has been a privilege and the highlight of my career. I continue to be inspired by the potential coaching has to support individuals with actioning their audacious goals and to make changes that stick.

The increasing demands and uncertainty experienced in life seems at times to be inevitable. How we respond to this, and make progress in spite of this, is optional.

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My experience of partnering with a coach early on in my career was a game changer for me. The distraction created by internal and external pressures had become so demanding of my time and energy that I felt I had lost touch with what I valued most in my life, and what it was that I wanted to ideally achieve, personally and professionally.

Partnering with a coach provided me with the focus, confidence and accountability to make some major changes, which haven’t always gone to plan but have consistently moved me in a beneficial direction that I would have never dared to venture on my own.

Following my initial coaching experience I pursued training to become an International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed coach. An ICF credential is a requirement over and above coach specific training and demonstrates a commitment to an international standard of excellence in coaching practice and ongoing professional development.

My aim is to creatively challenge mindsets, inspire new possibilities and to equip individuals with the skills and confidence to translate their best-intentions into action.